Forum on U.S. SALT for European Companies - London

When:  Jun 20, 2023
COST’s 2023 Forum on US SALT for European Companies – taking place June 20, 2023 in London, England – will provide attendees an opportunity to network and learn from European and U.S. based tax experts the intricacies of US (both national and state and local) taxation. Leading practitioners with dedicated knowledge in these areas will help you understand the tax requirements and risks of doing business or expanding into the U.S. market; learn about the differences between European and U.S. tax systems; what are the filing, registration and remittance requirements; have you created nexus?; how to best handle tax disputes, and audits; and, much more. Arm yourself with the U.S. tax knowledge you need to better serve your company. This Forum is for someone with all levels of state and local tax experience. No advance preparation is needed.


Karen Galdamez
(202) 484-5220