• COST TOOLS YOU CAN USE: COST’s Legislative Committee and Legislative Alert

    If you are involved in your company’s tax related legislative and government affairs efforts, or if you need to know about legislative developments for financial reporting controls purposes, then you should join COST’s Legislative Committee. Legislative Committee members are automatically signed up to receive the weekly COST Legislative Alert e-newsletter and quarterly enacted legislation summaries and are invited to attend the Thursday Legislative Committee update conference call. During the weekly one-hour call, COST staff apprise members of recent developments and provide in-depth coverage of many of the issues mentioned in our Legislative Alert newsletter. The call often features a guest speaker who will do a deep dive on an emerging issue or on current developments in a particular state. The call also provides an open forum for members to exchange information on legislation being drafted or considered in statehouses. The opportunity for a free exchange of ideas and experience among our membership makes the Legislative Committee call one of the most valuable hours of your week. To join the Legislative Committee, please contact Aziza Farooki.